Monday, July 14, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome-How do they do it?

Last week, my daughter, Ali, went away with her best friend and her family. She was away for a week and it was really weird. Especially when my daughter, Cassie, spent a couple of days with her best friend. I found myself thinking that this is a vision of two years from now when Ali, then Cassie a year later, head off to college.

How do parents do it? It's a natural progression of life, but I can't imagine my children not being a part of my everyday events. I find it strange that some of my peers can't wait until their children leave the nest. I feel the total opposite!

I think I may need some good antidepressants to get over the hump of my kids leaving me. I guess I would have more time for work (oh goody!), and I might have to find other things to keep me busy. Why must I think of this now??? Enough of future worries! I'll focus on enjoying each and every day as it comes.

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Anonymous said...

I just spoke to a friend and she said oh isn;t it great the kids go back to school on Tuesday she can't wait to have the house to her self and no nagging. I am already popping my zanax because I don;t want our summer of together to end. Thank goodness I am so the class mother,PTO,volunteer etc. And best of yet Robbie is only 9. So I can feel what you're saying.