Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Treatment Course

Since the Taxotere, was so taxing on my digestive tract, the oncologist has changed up the course of my chemo. I will be going every week for the next nine weeks, instead of once every three weeks. The dosage of Taxotere will be lowered and the Cytoxin is changed to Carboplatin. I went yesterday for treatment and I'm feeling pretty well today. Just a slight headache and some intestinal grumbling. And water tastes weird again! This is the worst part for me as I am usually a big water drinker and I need to keep hydrated. I set an appointment for tomorrow to get rehydrated, anticipating that first weekend where I began hallucinating from dehydration from my first chemo. We'll see how it goes.

I had a good week and a half of feeling absolutely normal! I hope that the lowered doses will keep me on a more even keel--will I feel slighly lousy all the time, getting worse every week as the drugs build up in my system over the 9 weeks? Only time will tell...

Cassie's Sweet 16 went very well...tons of dancing, good food, and great company. Thanks to family help, we had invitations made by my sister-in-law Laura; the video montage made by my brother-in-law Jeff and my niece Samantha; my sister-in-law Kim brought Cassie to get her hair, makeup and nails done. We had a great candle lighting ceremony with a gorgeous sandcastle made by our friend Kim (see picture above).

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