Friday, January 9, 2009

2nd surgery

After seeing Dr. Borden and going over the pathology, I went in for a second surgery today. He removed more tissue on the top and bottom margins of the 7cm he took out last time. Those two places did not have clean margins. The surgery was a lot shorter, only an hour. and I was home, feeling really well, at noon. Now, I'm sore, took some percocet an hour ago and am ready for a nap.

I will find out results some time next week and will follow up with the surgeon on January 21st. Then, I have an appt. with an oncologist on January 28th. This time we'll be talking about chemotherapy as an option of treatment. UGH.

Couple of scenarios:
Margins are all clear then consult with oncologist about chemo to see if it would benefit me.

IF...Margins are not clear, EITHER more tissue removal (may not be possible) OR a full mastectomy and consult with oncologist.

I'm bracing myself for either scenario and reading everything I can get my hands on in the meantime.

The best thing I did was to get an AFLAC cancer policy last JUNE. I did this after watching my sister-in-law Theresa go through her treatments and medication costs. Our district offered it and I jumped on it. I got all the paperwork together to get the ball rolling with them.

My brother-in-law Gary got some awful news about his cancer. He's at Sloans satellite site at Mercy Hospital for about a week now. They gave him a time frame of how long he has left on this earth. I'm at a loss for words--how terrible for him and Kim--I feel helpless.

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for clean margins and thanking God for clear lymph nodes.
Love you,