Thursday, February 19, 2009


I had my first radiation treatment this past Tuesday, February 17th. It was nothing more than getting an x-ray, except that a red light,on the wall, flashes and buzzes while the treatment is being given. This happens twice for about 20-30 seconds. Once from the right side, and once from the left side. Everytime the light goes on, I think, "Go get those buggers!" Then the light goes off and the technicians come in and it's over. It's amazing that it could possibly do anything at all.

After the first treatment I felt normal. I went home and dutifully applied the all-natural aloe (alcohol free) that Theresa suggested I get. It seemed ridiculous, because my skin felt normal, but I figured if I wanted to keep it that way, I'd better listen.

After the 2nd treatment, I was a bit tired--could I already be tired from this? The doctors liken it to a long day spent at the beach. After a day in the sun's rays, you feel fatigued. Such is the case with radiation. The radiation kills good and bad 'cancer' cells. The good regenerate in a 24 hours period of time, where the bad do not regenerate. The body needs rest so it can work hard at getting those good cells up and running again.

Last night I felt a bit of a localized ache. It was similar to how I felt about 2 weeks after surgery. Just a heaviness, but no pain.


Miki said...

Syndee, glad to hear that you are taking to the radiation well! Just remember that mantra"go get those buggers!" Scott had a similar saying when he was finished with each treatment of Chemo. He kept repeating positive things to himself all of the time. SOmething deep inside listened and he is in remission, so keep up the positive, I will keep sending positive vibes your way!

Syndee said...

Thanks Miki. It's been 2 weeks now and despite some general soreness, I feel pretty good. Can't quite shake some heartburn and nausea though. Even though my radiation oncologist says it should not affect my stomach. It's been a week of constant nausea though.