Monday, March 2, 2009

Oncotype Dx Results

The results showed that I have a low reoccurance rate (from 1-17 is low; I'm a 16). This demonstrates that if I have surgery (already done), radiation, and then take Tamoxifen (or another estrogen/progesterone blocker) for 5 years, I have a low risk of reoccurance. I will see the doctor this coming Wednesday-March 4th to discuss the results more fully and to map out the rest of my treatment plan.

Radiation is going well--although it was canceled today due to the huge snowstorm we're experiencing. We had about 12 inches at 10 am this morning and it's been snowing steadily for the past 2 hours. Snow day--no school--YAY!!! I'm happy to have a day off from radiation as well--my breast was getting pretty sore and I was starting to see a tan line in a square formation around the breast--this is the area they are treating.

This weekend I will be in the city for the The Celebration of Teaching and Learning conference. It's sponsored by channel 13 and the list of speakers includes NY Governor David Paterson and Alan Alda (yes, from MASH). I am looking forward to a weekend of listening and learning. I'll be staying with 2 teachers from another elementary school and there are about 6 other teachers from my district who will be attending.

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