Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chemo coming up

This Wednesday, April 29th will be my first chemotherapy treatment. I will be receiving cytoxen and taxotere. Adriamycin would have been thrown into the mix, had it not been for my mitral valve prolapse--adriamycin can cause heart valve problems. Now we wouldn't want that would we? The taxotere will cause my hair to start falling out about two weeks later. I went to a great wig place and have a wig that's the same color as my hair, with less curl. I also got a baseball cap that has hair built into it. It's pretty cute--great for just running out of the house in. I also have some terry cloth turbans that my friend Maureen said are very comfy to sleep with. I'm curious how my hair will come back. Almost everyone I know who lost their hair to chemo had hair come back in curly. Since mine is curly to start with, will it come back straight?

Wednesday also begins my sick leave. My oncologist recommended that I not expose myself to so many germs (elementary schools are notorious for having germs!). So I need to come up with some goals to do around the house while I am out on leave. Granted I may feel cruddy for a few days following each treatment, but I'm planning on feeling good the rest of the time. I figure on a cruddy feeling day, my goal is to get dressed and do one positive thing that day, no matter what!

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