Saturday, April 4, 2009


I've had many thoughts lately about how grateful and truly blessed my life is. Having cancer really makes you take a step back and reflect on what really matters in life. Adding in the car accident that Ali and Cassie were in last week, made me reflective once again.

Ali was driving from the second night of Seussical at the high school to Applebees. She had Cassie in the minivan as well as my neice and two of their friends. While waiting to turn left at a busy intersection, a 4 door sedan type of car traveling towards them hit them, spun them 180 degrees and sent them down the road about 50 feet in the opposite direction from which they were traveling. Of course, because she was in the left turn lane, the police report states that when she attempted the left turn, she collided with his car. I find this interesting, since all the damage is to the front of both cars. If she was into the turn, the side of her car would have been more damaged.

Whatever...the part that matters most is that all of the kids were able to get out of the van unassisted. The person injured most had a broken nose, and can't remember the events just prior to the accident (the doctor feels that there is no permanent damage though). My neice had to have 4 stitches to the center of her tongue--almost as if she tried to get a tongue piercing that went awry. Ali has some range of motion issues with her right shoulder, as well as a left knee bruise and difficulty walking; Cassie has whiplash (neck muscle spasms and vertebra is straighter than the normal curve of the neck) and low and behold--scoliosis--with her L5 break, was she never fully x-rayed- as well as a bruise to her left shin, a burn and bruise across her chest where the seatbelt kept her captive. The last person in the van was uninjured-just some minor aches. They were all brought to the emergency room to be evaluated and were all sent home within 8 hours of the accident. The man driving the other car did not leave in an ambulance, and we hope that he's okay. You have to wonder though--where was he coming from, and was his cell phone in use at the time of the accident?

My last radiation appointment is this Monday, 4/6--YAY. Then I meet with the oncologist on Friday 4/10. I'll update this after I know what upcoming events will be bringing.

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