Friday, July 17, 2009

Recap of treatments 6-10

Treatment 6 found me sick only a day after treatment - just overall feeling lousy. Ended up with sores in my mouth and throat and had to get antifungal to treat it. Also started having ache on right side of stomach - where my gallbladder used to be. The only day I felt decent was Tuesday afternoon.

Treatment 7 was knees swelled up as well as my hands and face. I couldn't walk from one room to another without being out of breath, heart pounding, and sweating profusely. It was strangely similar to a panic attack feeling - remembered that this is how my sister-in-law felt when she had congestive heart failure. Little scary... Ended up getting put on lasix, on top of the hydroclorathiazide (HCTZ) that I already take to get rid of excess water. At least it did the trick and the swelling went down.

Treatment 8 wasn't so bad...similar swelling and heart pounding, but lasix again, helped. Still just feeling the numbness - which goes away, the weird missing the back of my head feeling-which goes away, the difficulty concentrating and dizziness -which goes away. 4th of July weekend...I was able to get out to a couple of parties with Dave on Saturday and then Sunday, Dave and I took Ziggy to the beach, where he had an awesome time digging in the sand. The girls were in Florida with their Aunt Kim.

Treatment 9 was a bit more depressing and difficult, even knowing there was just one more treatment left. Just very nauseaus and headachy all weekend long. Dave and I have been trying to get out and go for walks with Ziggy each evening. That definitely seems to help me, getting some exercise and strength back. I'll need it for when we go to Wildwood and walk the boardwalk. I felt better by Tuesday and took Ziggy over to my friend, Al's, house. Al has 4 dalmations and a husky. The dalmations are all ages 9-12 and the husky is 2. The husky, RJ, was awesome with Ziggy...keeping an eye on him at all times and keeping him in line. It was really very cute. If Ziggy stepped out of line, RJ was right by his side, with his jaws over Ziggy's neck and RJ would growl, and Ziggy would stop. Then they had fun together as well--they would chase each other. When all the big dogs lay down for a snooze, Ziggy followed suit. Ali and Cassie started their choral festival this week at Adelphi. They're staying at Aunt Kim's nearby and Ali is driving the two of them each day. A bit nervewracking for us, but we need to let go a bit-they let us know when they leave and arrive at places to keep us calm.

Treatment 10...YAY! As much as I want to celebrate, there's always this thought in the back of my head...what if this isn't really over? What if I need more treatment???? The next phase of treatment begins with a shot to put me into menopause, followed by a daily regimen of Arimidex to lower my estrogen/progesterone production. Reason for this is that the type of cancer I have had is esgtrogen/progesterone positive. This means that my cancer grows because of those hormones...block the hormones/stop the cancer. It's now Friday and although a bit nauseaus, not too bad so far. We'll be going to see the girls concert later this evening. I'm looking forward to enjoying them sing-it's Ali's last concert with them since the summer between 5th and 6th grade.

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