Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Down, 5 to go

Wednesday, June 10th...Halfway there!!! Chemo went really fast today--we got there at 10 and were out at 2. We grabbed some burgers at Bobby Flays after treatment (always craving red meat--I am not a red meat eater normally!). The girls had a voice lesson after school for their July performance (vicd'amore studio recital) and then we headed to the orthopedist for an MRI results follow up. The results showed just some soft tissue/muscle issues and bone bruising on Ali's shoulder and knee. More physical therapy needed. If Cassie is still in pain in a month, she may have to get injections into her lumbar spine area. Hopefully pt will continue and help her. I had major heartburn all afternoon as I dropped Cassie off at soccer and then the girls off at physical therapy. I headed out to Riverhead to pick Dave up at the dealership where he dropped his truck off to get the transmission checked out. Then we headed together to get the girls at physical therapy. We talked with Gary about how much we enjoyed Buttercup. As I arrived home, the pepcid had kicked in and I was no longer feeling the awful heartburn.

Thursday, June 11th... feeling great today, so far... it's only noon.

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mamakin said...

Hang in there Superwoman. You're doing amazing things, and how you can keep up a blog is a mystery to me. Cleaning the house has become a goal for me...I wanted something better, like a vacation or a bike ride, but it just seems that the other 3 people in the house can't seem to function in that area no matter how much begging I do. Today's a pretty good day so far so I'm going to try to pick up a few things downstairs. I may be able to work on the pity angle if I moan a lot after doing it.
I'm finding the stim implant to be interesting to get used to but it certainly helps. My daughter took me to an Aerosmith concert last night, I survived the drive, rested, loved the concert, collapsed in the hotel & survived the drive home. I think I'm going to start with the kitchen now so if I fall flat on my face someone is sure to find me.
Good luck on the next 5. My prayers are with you.