Sunday, December 7, 2008


My daughter, Ali, competed in P-M IDOL at her high school last night. The competition began with 18 students singing a piece of their choice. The 4 judges voted and narrowed it down to 10 contestants-Ali was one of them. The contestants then sang a pop song. Then the judges selected the top 5-Ali was still in. It was time for a broadway piece and the judges picked the top 2--Ali and another student named Matt. They both had to sing the same song--from American Idol--and the judges decided that Ali was the winner of the 2008 Pat-Med High School Idol competition. We were all so happy for her.

If you'd like to check out a few of her pieces from last night, you can find them at youtube. Once on youtube, search P-M IDOL WINNER and you'll get a selection of singers-find Ali's and enjoy!

OR, you can check them out right here! I was able to figure out how to upload two of her songs to my blog. I am finally catching up with technology!

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