Thursday, December 4, 2008

Surgery date

I have scheduled my surgery for December 22nd (lumpectomy and node dissection). The surgeon's office was ready to give me Dec. 12th, but that would mean taking off 6 days from work right before being off for 2 weeks for Christmas break. So I asked if the 22nd would be okay--it's the first Monday of our 2 week break. I may feel pretty yucky for Christmas, but I'll do my best to feel okay and enjoy friends and family over the holidays.

I went for a second opinion yesterday. The doctor reviewed all my pics and reports and said the same exact thing that my doctor said. I guess this is good--everyone on the same page gives me a bit more comfort in scheduling the surgery.

I'll see the radiation oncologist this Monday to talk about whether or not I am a candidate for the mammocyte procedure. I've heard two opposing views of this procedure--one is that it is put in place at the time of surgery--another is that it is put in at a separate time from the surgery. I'll find out more on Monday.

Also, chemo depends on a number of factors--1. if the cancer is in my lymph nodes, 2. if microscopic cancer is found in my lymph nodes, 3. if it is not in my nodes and the Oncotype DX test results say that I would benefit from it.

I'm becoming quite well-versed in all this cancer-speak. It's also great to be able to get ideas from my sister-in-law Theresa and my friend Christina, who have both been through it and are doing quite well now. My friend Maureen is going through all of this now--she just had her surgery this past Tuesday and she found out her cancer is in her lymph nodes. I think I'm more upset about her news, than if it was my own. My brother in law Gary will be going to Sloan Kettering for another opinion. My sister in law Kim sent all of his reports and films and they agreed to see him. Before she sent the info, they were not willing to see him. Thank God they had a change of heart.

I am a new Facebook user, if you want to find me on there, look for Syndee Zegel. It's amazing how many people I have found on that site!


Louise said...

Hi Syndee,
Thanks for keeping us all updated on you. My prayers for you continue...I am certain everything will turn out OK!!
Hugs! Louise

Gina said...


I'm a good friend of Robb and Lisa's and came across your story by linking to you through their blog. I know you don't know me at all, but wanted to send my support, and let you know that I've a number of friends that have gone through this and can offer some outside comfort advice and support if you'd like it from someone not directly "involved". I don't want to pry - but I'm here as a support if you'd like.

In any event, i just wanted to say hello and wish you all good things! Hang in there!


Syndee said...

Thanks Gina,
I appreciate your support! I will check out your blog as well and add it to my list (Robb and Lisa's is my only one on the list so far). Robb and I were friends in high school, and his mom had told my husband about the blog after his accident. I've been keeping up with them ever since.
Thanks again,