Thursday, June 11, 2009

Round 4

Wednesday, June 3rd...Another chemo down. Girls had physical therapy tonight. At the end, they were talking to Gary about how they babysit, and he said that he needed a dogsitter for the weekend. He and his family were heading out of town for a 90th birthday party. Cassie jumped right in and said, "I'm your girl... I'll watch your dog!" Oh boy oh boy.

Thursday, June 4th...Fuzzy headedness started this afternoon--already???!!! NO fair. Along with this came the right-sided numbness feeling. It's so happens each time, and I know it's a side effect, but it still makes me nervous.

Friday, June 5th...Dave took off today for a golf tournament to benefit Relay for Life and Lupus Walk. It got rained out by torrential downpours and rescheduled for August. I felt lousy today and while I lounged around on the couch, Dave went into the garden in his rainsuit and planted all of the vegetables I bought yesterday. We left around 5 to go pick up Gary's dog, Buttercup. She was great in the car, while we waited at Walgreens Drive Thru, Dave 'taught her to drive'. Then after getting me settled in back home, he took Ali for her senior portraits this evening. After, Ali was off to go babysit with Amy. We hung out with Buttercup--who is an awesome little Jack Russell (not hyper at all, though).

Saturday, June 6th...My mom took me for hydration, while Ali picked up Cassie and brought her to Deer Park to go practice for a singing gig they have in July. We met up at Bobby Flay's Burger Palace. The girls headed out from there to go food shopping for Relay for Life at Pat-Med. After returning home, Buttercup and I chilled out together and napped most of the afternoon away. The girls and I headed out to Relay around 5:45, dropping Cassie at soccer tryouts. I went to the survivors dinner with Ali and met up with Maureen and Marie , with Dave joining us after he got out of work. I walked the surviviors and the first lap of the Relay, and then retreated to Maureen and Maries site until around 9, when Dave took me home. Buttercup and I spent a cuddly night together. She joined me each time I got up to go to the bathroom and settled in right next to my side when I retreated to bed. I'm really getting attached to this little dog.

Sunday, June 7th...Ali came in at 6 am and went right to bed. Dave texted and told me he and Cassie were joining the Mantoura's and Kawko's for breakfast at Island Grill. Cassie slept for about an hour and then was off to soccer at 9 am. Buttercup joined Dave and I at the soccer field. Cassie played a few minutes of each half--her back and legs were hurting from all the walking the night before/ and lack of sleep. Her team won their game though 5-2! Buttercup was a hit with parents from both teams. Kayla's little sister Emma was thrilled with her as well. Dave somehow, working on adreneline maybe, opened the pool. I slept most of the afternoon away, fighting tingly head, arms and legs, as well as nausea. We went to the movies to see Night At The Museum 2 -- Dave slept through the movie. Buttercup joined us to sleep.

Monday, June 8th...Enjoyed my day with my new pal Buttercup, napping on and off, and was getting sadder by the minute that we had to return her this afternoon. We brought her back at 4 and I actually cried in the car after leaving her. Cassie quickly texted Dave, telling him that we need to get a dog. Dave and I attended the Tri-M induction this evening. Cassie was being inducted into this music honor society. The girls went out with their friends to Applebees afterward and Dave and I returned to our dogless house. It seemed empty without Buttercup there. :(

Tuesday, June 9th...Back onto steroids!!! Jackie Manno brought lunch over and her baby, Gia. I had to pick Cassie up from school--she wasn't feeling well--lack of sleep the other day caught up with her. I went to 'Look Good, Feel Better' sponsored by the American Cancer Society. They went over tips for makeup and wig care, and gave me a tote bag full of makeup from many different manufacturers. The best part was showing how to pencil in eyebrows when they start to thin, and tips for eyelashes as well. I learned that I've been putting on mascara incorrectly all these years, and blush has been in the wrong place. Go figure! From here, Dave and I picked up Cassie and went to the PTG (Players Theatrical Group) Awards Ceremony. Ali got an award for her performance in Seussical and she performed 'Take Me for Who I Am' from Rent, with her friend Ashley. We enjoyed the performances, and ceremony, and then the girls were off to Friendly's to celebrate.

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