Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekly Update

I think by keeping this blog, it helps me to see patterns in how I feel after each treatment. I am reassured, by looking over my notes, that there are some 'normal' things that consistantly happen each treatment. One of those is this weird numb-head feeling. I actually psych myself out and go through the 'stroke' tests to make sure I'm just fine (stick out tongue, smile, say a simple sentence...).

Thursday, May 28...Feeling good all day. Lots of energy from lack of sleep again! Worked on cleaning and shining my wood floors-they look fabulous thanks to 'Orange-glo 4 in 1 wood floor shine'. At 11, my mom and I went to Tara's for lunch and then I drove over to Fortunato Breast Center for my 6-month checkup and new 'map' of the area. The doctor had written me a script for a mammogram. After the mammo, I was told to wait while the doc on call looked over my pics. When the tech came back, she told me the doc wanted to do a sonogram, just to get a good baseline for what things look like now (post-surgery and radiation). Funny, how panic sets in--my brain must have instantly linked back to my October experience---sure they just want to get a basline--what aren't they telling me. After texting Dave and Theresa (she knows all too well--and assured me that it's protocol for her now), I felt better. As I wrote to Dave, "What's the worst they can tell me, I have cancer?"

...Took the girls to the allergist this afternoon. After checking them over, he agreed that they have spring allergies and gave them tons of scripts for allergy meds and new inhaler, for Ali.
...The allergist is across the street from Mama Lombardi's. The garlic wafting over made us head there for dinner--we just ate in the take out area of the restaurant. Food is starting to taste weird again.
...Ali went home and got ready for her class trip to Philadelphia and Hershey. I dropped her of at Kate's house so she could sleep over there and Diana would take her to school in the morning.

Friday, May 29. Feeling good again, but just a little nauseaus. Finished the floors and rearranged the living room a bit. I decided not to take the Zofran to see if it made my head feel any better. I was able to drive to Dr. Dacosta's for my 2 pm appointment, and I felt just fine--just nauseaus. Dr. DaCosta said, when I come in for hydration on Saturday morning, he'll order Aloxi (anti-nausea i.v. drug). The Aloxi should help with the nausea for 48-72 hours afterward.
... From the doctor, I headed south to meet up with Cassie for her All State solo. I stopped at 7-11 on the way, to get some Gatorade and a roll for me (nausea) and a tea for Cassie. Her solo went well and we headed home--me feeling a bit woozy and ready to lay down for a stretch.
....Friend, Deirdre and her husband, Bill, dropped by with some awesome pasta in a pink sauce with sundried tomatoes. It really hit the spot for the three of us (Ali still on trip).

Saturday, May 30. Dave got up bright and early to bring Cassie up to the high school at 6 am. Her class trip to Dorney Park was underway. Mom took me for hydration and Aloxi at 9:30 and we got out of there at noon. I was craving a burger, so we headed over to The Good Steer for lunch. I was feeling a bit dizzy and nauseaus, but it felt good to be out and about for a little while. I spent the day doing laundry and then resting. Dave called in to Medford Pastaria for dinner and picked up each of the girls from their trips.

Sunday, May 31. Still battling some nausea, I was not about to give in to take the Zofran, and risk the chance of a mind-blowing headache. We went to our friend's son, Alex's, Eagle Scout Award Ceremony/Brunch. What a proud moment for their family, and a great achievement for Alex. I tried as best I could to focus on the ceremony, but my mind just drifts around so much. Even watching sitcoms--I could watch a bunch of them and not tell you what any one of them was about.
...Went home around 3 and slept until 5:30. It was a great nap, but I woke with a weird feeling, like the back of my head was missing. It was numb--I had to touch it to make sure it was really still there. Cassie went out with Eric to go see Terminator--first time out with a guy who drives. THAT was a bit nerverwracking! He seems like a really nice young man though.

Monday, June 1. Nausea continues, but my head is clear enough to move around and get some things done. Today, I worked on cleaning up the countertop by the sink in our kitchen. This is the one where all of the mail gets thrown, and it was highly neglected for a long time. It was fulfilling to get it done. I also worked on a couple of long overdue photo albums. Neck and lower back spasms have begun again--nothing too horrible, just annoying. Looking back, I notice this happened last Monday as well.
...Cassie scored a 98 on her AllState solo. YAY! This is a great score and I am so proud of her for unleashing her voice! I went out around 3:30 to go get Dave's Aunt Mary a birthday present and picked up some pants and shirts for Dave as well. After leaving Kohl's, I felt a bit dizzy and nauseaus and picked up a plain cheeseburger and McDonald's sweet tea. Dave called over to Aunt Mary's to make sure she'd be home for us to stop over for her birthday. She said she had picked up a cake in case anyone came over. I think last year, we celebrated at Dave's parents house?
...Girls went to their music gala at 6, and Dave and I headed to --of all places-- Burger King. I wanted a burger again--I ate a Whopper and it really hit the spot. We went to Aunt Mary's and chatted with her friend Sheila, Sheila's daughter Lisa and grandaughter as well as Kim and Mr. and Mrs. Z.

Tuesday...Back to the steroids! Not as energetic as usual though. Could I be getting used to them? Spent the morning cleaning out kitchen cabinets under the counter where I worked yesterday. Reorganized and rearranged for more efficiency--we'll see how long it lasts! Nausea is gone and I'm onto the steroid hunger! Planning on getting out and about--getting to Sam's, bank, district office, etc.
...Cassie has a lumbar mri scheduled for 3 this afternoon and tomorrow's chemo is at 10. Yippee--round 4 coming up.

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