Friday, September 5, 2008

First week of school

The first two days went off without a problem. I have a great, although sometimes chatty, group of 27 students. The heat and humidity for the first two days of school was unbearable. It was like walking through soup--and it wasn't gazpacho!!! We actually had a heat advisory and we had to make sure the kids took it easy during recess and that they got drinks every 15 minutes (which was how long recess lasted anyway). Being on the third floor is always a trip. It seems as thought the heat rises 10 degrees for each floor you go up. It was brutal trying to teach feeling as though you just stepped out of the shower and didn't get to dry off. UGH--these are the things the corporate world doesn't think about when they complain about educators.

Enough complaints. School is great and there isn't any job in the world I'd rather do...except sing in a Broadway show, but at my age, it's pretty unlikely to happen. If I wait another 20 years, I can play the old ladies in the shows...I DO retire in 20 years. Now there's something to think about.

My neck and shoulders were happy as could be after my appointment Thursday morning. Hopefully they'll both be happy until Monday. It's almost as though they're an entity apart from me. When they're in pain, I'm quite miserable. When there's minimal pain, I feel grateful for that and I'm a very happy person.

Tomorrow we're getting part of Tropical Storm (once known as hurricane) Hannah. I'm thinking that Cassie will not have soccer practice, but she does have a game this Sunday at nearby Bellport Middle School. Hopefully she will not get hurt--her eye is finally fine, although this past week she was fighting a sore throat.

Ali's trying to figure out her plans for tonight--a group of girls want to go to dinner together. It's her SAKKS group (Samantha, Ali, Katie, Katey, and Stine-short for Christine). They've had these get togethers each year since they were little and they always have a Christmas party/sleepover without fail.

I'll be working on typing up my first week of lesson plans. I usually use the same template for each week and just swap out what I'm teaching and put it into the time slots that stay the same week after week. Guess I should get to work...Happy Weekend!

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