Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lovin' google; back to school; sleepless in Medford

Well, it only took me about ten minutes the other day to Google and find my dear friend, Louise! I sent her an e-mail, she responded and then I sent another to her and Robbi. We're hoping to see each other the beginning of October. The Internet is an amazing communications tool!

Students come in to school tomorrow. I could spend another three days organizing things and I'd still find more to organize. It amazes me how much work I can create for myself.

Year after year, I keep the things that worked the previous year and drive myself crazy trying to fix the things that didn't work. Last year, I finally found a great way to keep track of books that students read throughout the year AND keep them accountable for it. THIS year, I am in search of the perfect way to keep track of my independent and guided reading conferences that I have with my students. I've tried separate pages for each child, but found that I would miss some kids along the way. I've tried going around with post-its and then attaching them, but would lose the post-its, or the place where I wanted to put them. I've tried keeping a composition notebook, but found it was too disorganized and I couldn't find what each student needed to improve upon. SO this year I am trying a grid system-30 boxes, one box for each student and 3 left over to write small group, large group and individual lesson needs. On one side, the grid would be for independent reading conferences and the other would be for guided reading conferences. Let's see if this is the answer to a 10-year old problem.

I couldn't sleep last night. I don't know if it's the excitement of starting a new school year, but my neck was killing me--this time working into the right shoulder. At first, I fell asleep watching the Mets' game, but woke a short while later to Keith Hernandez shouting ...extra innings. The adreneline kicked in and I stayed up to watch the Mets actually win in extra innings. Then I was too excited to sleep and watched the rest of Friends, Sex & the City, and then Will and Grace. I tossed and turned all night and was thankful when the alarm went off at 6:45.

I also wonder if my neck is screaming at me--could it actually be in a pattern that it gets mad if I don't stick to my regular pt appointment. Since Monday was Labor Day, it would be a full week from the Thursday before until my next appointment. I am very much so looking forward to my appointment tomorrow morning at the bright morning light of 7 am!

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Anonymous said...

hey Robbie is in 4th grade and has accelerated math and accelerated reading which keeps track of his work, mean up here in the back woods of of the upper peninsula of michigan we have something the city diesn't??? did I tell you we are readiness - 12 in one school - LOL.