Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Physiatrist Appointment

Update to Physiatry Anyone? When I left work, I was backing out of my spot and when I turned my head something went pop and I started feeling pain and numbness traveling down my right arm--my fingers were cold on my right hand, not my left. I figured...perfect timing! After a 2 hour painful wait, I was finally called in. The physiatrist put me through some of the same moves my PT did--I told him of the weakness I was feeling in my right hand and while putting me through the tests, he noted that my right arm was weaker than my left--go figure. He sent me off with a script for a nerve pain drug (didn't fill it because I'd have to take it every day--rather take percocet as needed--if needed) as well as some information on having a cortisone injection in between my c and t areas. They do it in the ambulatory surgical center because they need the x-ray machine to help guide the needle. Once in, they shoot dye to see if they have the right place and, if so, they give the streroid a push. He said the advantage to this method is that the steroid is going right where it's needed instead of traveling thoughout the body like an oral steroid. I have a month to decide if I want to go through with this. I go back and forth--on a minimal pain day, I think NAH, I don't need it, but on a high pain day, I'm ready and willing. Guess I'll do some research over the Internet.

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