Friday, September 12, 2008

Mets and Sunsets

We went to, what will probably be, our last Mets game at Shea Stadium. On the way, the sky was so cool looking. It was split in half down the L.I.E.--half darkness; half blinding light.

At Shea, there was a beautiful sunset as I faced the city. It's so nice to have a camera phone to capture a memory.

Being at Shea, late in the season, didn't bother me until the game was over. Then, the melancholy feeling took over. I remembered going there with my dad and sitting in the red seats--the nosebleed sections. It was back in the time of Lee Mazzilli. The excitement of the 86 Mets came back and the memory of hanging out in Theresa and Jeff's bedroom at Annabelle's house came along with it. I remember all of us piling on the bed watching the series, stacking up beer cans into pyramids (the drinking age was 19, I believe) and so were we. Then all of the times we went to Shea with Kim, and got to sit in SAI's box seats--orange--about 6 rows up from the field, just past 1st base --scooted into my brain. I was near tears taking some last pics of the scoreboard. The end of an era.

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