Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not great news...1 miracle needed

They sent my brother-in-law Gary home from the hospital yesterday. He has non small cell sarcoma--stage 4 lung cancer. It's said to be one of the agressive forms of cancer. From what I've been told, he has an appointment with an oncologist tomorrow to talk about starting chemo and radiation simultaneously. We're trying to pray for a miracle...please join us!

After some wicked pain in my neck and right shoulder yesterday I got treated by Gary PT this morning. While my pain hasn't disappeared it is markedly better than yesterday. Gary PT was nominated by 8 of his patients for a 'physical therapist of the year award'. Last week, he found out he was one of the finalists and just yesterday found that he won the award. He said that the magazine sent a photographer to check out the facility and decide how to do the photo shoot.

I told my friend and colleague, Kim (all these Kim's and Gary's are driving me crazy--I'm actually listening to Gary Carter commentate for the Mets as I write this!), about his award--she was his patient as well. We agreed that he is a dynamic physical therapist and most deserving of this award. I think what I respect most about him is that he doesn't give up--when conventional treatment doesn't help, he finds alternate ways that work--and if that doesn't work, he'll keep searching for the right method. He also listens carefully to what is going on with your specific pain--mine was very erratic and hard to understand for a while. In addition, Gary also has that drive to become more knowledgeable about his craft (educational term--not sure if it applies).

My only fear is that he has been talking about an offer he had with a very large 'corporation (for lack of a better word)' to be their full time PT man. Not sure what my neck will do without him...I hear his wife has great's tough to start over with someone new.

Monday, I will be seeing a physiatrist (physical medicine and rehab specialist) who will put me through some tests to determine a course of treatment. Dr. Raanan will then complete a report for me to bring to Gary (PT). I'm curious to see if this will be a worthwhile appointment. I don't know if there is anything new that Gary hasn't tried. Hey...ya never know?

Back to Gary (brother-in-law)...Please Pray.

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