Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The bilateral breast mri was a blast. The table was actually quite comfortable--I thought it would be one of those cold, metal ones(shoulda known better--metal in an mri place is quite unlikely), but it was plastic and cushioned with some sort of memory foam.

After getting the iv, I had to somehow keep my left arm straight while sliding down over the two holes provided for each breast. The table is built up with foam covered plastic parts on the head side end and is actually quite comfortable. I was worried about neck pain from being in an awkward position, but after laying there for 25 minutes, I think I'd like to have my bed fashioned similarly--it has the spot like at the p.t. where your head faces down (like a massage table).

I do have to say that it was the loudest MRI I've ever had--even with earphones and a radio station. Also, I knew exactly when they did the iv push for the contrast. I had the sensation of cold in my arm, then a funny taste in my mouth, along with my lips tingling, and a strange smell which kind of reminded me of having sweet air. It made me panic a bit, thinking I was having a reaction, but I stayed calm and made sure I could swallow and breathe.

At the end of the exam, they gave me just two sheets of films to take with me--they said something about them being the 'bips'--these films show the abnormalities of my breast tissue. From what I can see, there are some definite parts that show up brightly in the areas indicated on the mammo and sono reports, but I have no idea whether those parts are good or bad. My sister-in-law Theresa made sure I got the mammo and sono pics and reports as well as these current films. She and Diana were great to have around today. I think having them there kept me calm.

Leaving the place, I began to put all my jewelry back on in the car. Of course, as I am unscrewing the back of my earring, the diamond stud drops in between my seat and the center console. I could see it right inbetween my mri envelope and the seat. So I tried to pull up the mri envelope, but the earring dropped down to the floor. UGH...after searching and searching, with a flashlight, neither Diana, Theresa, nor I could find it. It can't have gone far, but it's proving impossible to find. Crazy. Especially since I had lost this same earring and found it only two months ago. The back had fallen off and I ordered two new backs which cost $35 just for the backs! That's platinum for you. I have no doubt it will be found eventually.

Diana treated us to lunch at Panera Bread and then we wandered around Costco for a while. Of course we couldn't get out of there without spending money. I am now the proud owner of a large roll of Christmas wrapping paper, six cans of Amy's soups, and many other items.


Miki said...

Glad that the MrI is over, I had one quite a few years ago, and it was extremely loud, could even hear the techs talking in the booth. COSTCO, we still say "Price Club" but our nick name for it is:"The Hundred Dollar Club." YOu can't leave with spending under $100, they've got you, they've got you. But in the long run, that $100 goes a long way, especially with two teenaged boys eating us out of house and home!

Syndee said...

Our receipt came to $108. At least it was for three of us. I got some great Christmas wrapping paper there--double sided no less!