Thursday, November 13, 2008

Results of MRI

When I spoke to the gyn office today, they told me that the doctor would not be in until November 24th--and they could not give me the results! I, thinking quickly and smartly (not quite sure how this happened--usually I think about many things after the fact) said, "Can you send the results to my primary care physician and they can then give me the results?" They said, "Yes". So I called over to Dr. Shah's office to get the fax number. Called gyn office next and gave them the fax number. Gyn office says, "Call Dr. Shah and give them a heads up that we're sending this and why we're sending it". I do so and an hour later, Dr. Shah's office calls and wants me to come in so they can go over the results with me. A wee bitty alarm goes off in my head--why can't they give me these results over the phone like they've done with so many others? I made the appointment for 5:15 this evening.

The results read: There is an enhancing nodule seen in the medial aspect of the left breast at approximately the 9 o'clock position measuring a centimeter in size and appears to correspond to the mammographic density. The remainder of the right and left breast show no other areas of enhancement. The kinetic features of this mass are plateauing. It has some minimal irregularities of its borders. Therefore we recommend an mri guided biopsy. Then it says 'Bi-Rads 4--suspicious abnormality'...biopsy is recommended.

SOOOOO...the doctor recommended I go to a breast care center for these additional tests. She said that way, if there was anything going on, I could continue with the surgeon who does the biopsy. I called Cassie's best friend, Nicole's, mom Colleen, who works at Stony Brook University and has some connections at the Carol Baldwin breast center there. My doctor had also given me two names of surgeons there and Colleen confirmed both of them. I'll be calling first thing tomorrow morning.

The hurry up and wait continues...

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