Saturday, November 8, 2008

Phone Tag Accomplishment

Last Monday, November 3rd, I called the gyn office to make sure they got the message I had left about having an approval for the mri. Of course, they did not. The gyn office told me I have to make the appointment first, then they can call to get the approval. After making the appointment - and being persuasive because they didn't want to give the appointment without the approval (don't you love the run around?) and went so far as to tell me that if they didn't have the approval by this Friday, they would automatically cancel my appointment - I called the gyn office back and by that time Empire was closed for the day (4:00). They gyn office said they'd call as soon as they got in Tuesday morning. Now, I know with my knee, shoulder and neck mri's it took a good 5 days to get approval, so at this point, I begin to panic and call the healthcare advocate. She tells me to give her a call if they have trouble getting the approval the next day.

Well, Annette from the gyn office calls me Tuesday around 1 and tells me I'm all set-she got everything I needed and sent it over to the mri place. She got the approval in 15 minutes! GO figure. I think this is God's way of telling me not to worry unnecessarily.

My sister in law, Theresa, volunteered along with her sister in law, Diana, to go with me to my mri appointment this Tuesday. I said we could make a day of it and have a nice lunch afterward. I think having Theresa there is so great because she is good at asking the right questions...the ones I usually think about after I leave the doctor's office! With her there, I know I will be waiting for all my pictures and reports before I go home too (something I neglected to do the last time I went). At least this mri place is affiliated with the first one I went to, so it shouldn't be a problem for them to print out everything I need.

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