Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sweet 16 coming this May

Dave's dad booked the banquet room of the firehouse for Cassie's Sweet 16. She'll be having it on Saturday, May 16th. She's leaning towards a beach theme, but she'll make her decision tonight with the input of a couple of her close friends. My friend, Kim (Ali's friend Steff's mom) is an amazing artist/construction person. She said she'll help me create items for the party, such as a life-sized cut out face lifeguard stand and beach scene for students to take pictures with their faces poking through, and some great table centerpieces, and she just found a castle cake recipe--although for that, I'll probably ask our friend Robin who is a fabulous baker.

Now it's a matter of creating a guest list. It's always difficult trying to figure out who to invite. Family who live close by are easy enough, but I always feel bad inviting far away (an hour or more) family, wondering if they think they're invited them just for a gift...but then again, I'd feel badly if I didn't invite them and they found out, from another family member that there was a party, and they weren't invited. So, my theory is to invite everyone, near and far so that no one's feelings are hurt.

Trying to keep the costs down should be interesting.

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