Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day with Robbi and Louise

This afternoon, I was able to get together with Robbi and Louise. They were my friends and singing buddies from high school. Because they graduated two years before I did, we lost touch over the years. I ran into Robbi at Smith Haven Mall and we vowed to get together. After googling Louise for about 15 minutes, I found her as well. Louise contacted the two of us to tell us that she'd be in Manhattan today for a series of seminars.

Robbi and I met at Ronkonkoma train, waiting on the train, and Robbi getting on last minute. We talked non-stop throughout the train ride and I was shocked when we arrived in Penn Station. It was the shortest train ride I can remember. We met Louise in front of the Hotel Pennsylvania about 5 minutes after arriving and we set off to find a chinese restaurant called Ginger. At first, we saw where Robbi thought it was supposed to be and there was a new place called Cosi. Heading just one more block north was the ticket, and there was Ginger.

We sat for almost three hours reminiscing and sharing stories about our lives. It was such a trip remembering all of those wonderful times we had together. It's funny, how when you see friends after so many years, the conversations never end. We could have talked for another 24 hours straight and not been out of conversation.

At the end of our time together, we decided that we should get our families together in the spring. We figured that Robbi and I could head up to Boston since it's only an hour from Louise. A lot of our kids are learning about, or will be learning about, American History so the Freedom Trail is a must. We weren't too sure if our husbands would be interested in this trip as none of them know each other and they might feel forced into getting to know each other. We'll see.

On the train ride home, Robbi and I decided that we need to get together more often. She only lives about 20 minutes away, so it's ridiculous that we haven't done this yet.

Most of all, I would love to sing with them again. Hopefully this will happen soon.

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