Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nighttime PT

If you need a great physical therapy office--see above. The two physical therapists on there are Gary and his wife, Melissa. It's been said that she has killer thumbs.

Last night, I went to physical therapy. It was strange going at night...usually I go at 7am, before work. But now that Gary has gone off to BNL, he only has Monday and Wednesday nights at his own place. Grappling with this, I thought about switching to another of his pt's but it's so difficult starting over with someone who doesn't know what's been working for you--different techniques--etc...

Gary had a rough evening last night...after working his first full day at the lab, he then came in to his own practice and was working minus one of his pt's. He's pretty good at multi-tasking, but the office was definitely backed up.

Since the girls were each at their float sites--I put in an hour at Cassie's--sketched out a 4 foot Superman, the logo, and a crescent moon--and Dave had gone over to Ali's, I texted him to see about getting the girls home 'cause I know I'd be late picking them up.

It was interesting... I've been writing on any new eval slips (for doctor follow ups) that my pain is worse at night, and as soon as Gary started working on me, he could actually feel how tight my neck and shoulders were. I said, 'Welcome to my nights'. What's funny is that if I feel any pain when he works on me, he can usually tell me what I'm feeling without me having to say a word. THIS is why I won't switch to anyone else.

I just wish my physical therapy appointment was right after being squished in the torture device. My right shoulder is killing me know--I think I'll put some ice on it and rest for a while before heading back to work at 11:30.

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