Friday, October 3, 2008

ING Award Winner

Copy and paste and then click on New York and scroll down. I am the winner of an 'ING, Unsung Heroes Award'.

This morning I was greeted to a surprise reception breakfast at my school. In attendance, were the faculty and staff, our PMCT president Paul Pecorale, our S.S. director Gloria Sesso, ELA director Karen Meier, newly appointed S.S. department photographer Lydia Deangelis, a former colleague currently teaching at another building Beth Corpac, the district clerk Dennis Logan, principal Karen Malone, Superintendant of Schools Michael Mostow, Asst. Superintendant for instruction Christine Finn and two representatives from ING!

The reps said that over 1400 people, across the USA, applied for these awards and I was one of the 100 to be awarded one. I was presented with a check for a project I had submitted (a real one and a large fake laminated one) as well as a plaque that reads: "2008 ING Unsung Heroes Award presented to Cynthia Zegel in recognition of innovation and excellence in education. The ING Unsung Heroes Awards program honors America's classroom heroes and their innovative programs that take student learning to new heights."

It was a very exciting morning and I can't wait to get started spending that money on new books and costumes for our 5th graders so they can better learn and show off their knowledge about the important people and events of the American Civil War.


Anonymous said...

congratulations Syndee! You are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Syndee!! Your love of teaching is sure to bring you and your students great rewards! We are proud of you...Deb and Jay

Syndee said...

Thanks. Just last week (October 23rd), the Advance newspaper printed an interview they did with me about the award. I really didn't expect to get recognition for any of this--I just thought if I was selected, I'd just get the money for the project and get started. Yet, just about everywhere I go, I see someone who has either, read the Advance, saw the school website, or got a newsletter from my union (which I actually had to help write). It's pretty weird.