Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homecoming 2008-2009

After a long week of chaperoning float sites, Dave and I are beat. This morning I tried to help staple on last minute flowers (some were lost in transport) I came to the realization that I am having trouble squeezing the stapler. Granted it's one of those commercial-type staplers that is used for flooring, but after unsuccessfully trying to staple two flowers, feeling frustrated, I gave up. The parade was great, as were all the grade level skits and the football game--Pat-Med won 10-6!

Here are some float pictures, starting with the freshman class and also a picture of the homecoming court--Ali was nominated as a princess with 3 other Juniors.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those floats are awesome....lots of work went into those! It sounds like you all had fun. It was so wonderful to see you all and both your girls are such lovely princesses!

Syndee said...

The float construction begins on a Monday evening and finishes on Friday evening with the parade that Saturday. It's incredible the amount of flowers (and the time making the flowers) end up on the floats. It's a student-led, parent/teacher-help effort. It's a lot of fun!