Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This past Friday night, Dave and I attended a wedding reception for our neighbor's son. It was about an hour away in Floral Park, Queens at a place called Floral Terrace. Boy, oh boy, what an elaborate hall! I don't know if there is anything in Suffolk County that is anywhere close to looking like this place. The cocktail hour was on one floor with about 40 or so menu items plus passed hors d'ouvres. The reception was on another floor with a domed ceiling, swept with gold swirls and a cherub dome over the raised, round, dance floor. It was really quite beautiful. The D.J. was great and we danced our tails off!

It's funny how it's taken me 24 years to learn how to truly follow Dave when we dance. I found the key is eye contact. IF I don't make eye contact with him, I end up trying to lead- and we fall out of step. If I keep my eyes locked on his, we move in sync and we can be twirling all over the floor without missing a step.

I do have to say that my thigh muscles, calf muscles and hips ached for a good two days following. I think I need to dance more :)

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