Monday, August 18, 2008

Ahh... relief

Well after a somewhat relaxing PT appointment (except when he stretched my arm out and pushed back-electric shocks felt as if they were going down my arm), as soon as I sat up the pain came back full force. I cried all the way to the ortho's office and continued to cry while signing in and all throughout the appointment.

Now, I've had many surgeries-gall bladder, 1 left and 3 right knee arthroscopys, a lateral patellar dislocation (that stayed on the outer side of my leg for about 2 hours until the ortho at the er put it back in place), and 2 c-sections, but nothing has hurt like this!

The doctor ordered a steroid pack (prednisone-UGH), and some wonderful oxycodone (percocet). I spent a great afternoon in a drug induced haze, and am now suffering the stomach repercussions of one of those drugs (a bit nauseas, and a lot of gurgling going on). My right arm feels really weird though-minimal pain, but really weak.

The ortho mentioned bulging discs at C6 and 7, but I was in so much pain I didn't pay attention to what the rest of my MRI report said. I may have to call tomorrow to get a copy of it to keep with my films. I'm also supposed to follow up with a spine specialist. I'd like to find someone nearby--these doctors practice mostly in Rockville Center which is quite a hike. The PT said he has a list of some doctors that they deal with.

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