Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soccer and Cassie

Cassie's new soccer team had their first scrimage today. They won 2-1 against a team that was 4 divisions higher than they were. The girls played so well and Cassie had a lot of saves as goalie. She also came off wounded as their were a couple of plays where she went for the ball and got tackled. First time, she got kicked right at the bottom of her shin guard. The second time she got a knee to the eye socket. That one was awful, and it nauseates me to think of the painful scream that left her body. Her nose is swollen, as is her cheekbone under her left eye socket. But after her trainer, Russell, got her on her feet, she played out the rest of the game in pain. She'll look great for high school tryouts this week--she'll probably show up with a nice shiner come Monday morning--a great conversation piece for tryouts.

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