Friday, August 29, 2008

Neurosurgeon Appointment

I love how, when you go into a medical office, and things run so efficiently and the staff is pleasant, it makes you feel confident in what you're about to face. I had done my research on the group and found that I could print and fill out the new patient paperwork at home. After meeting with medical biller, I was brought to an exam room.

The P.A. came in first and reviewed my MRI's with me. I have some bulging (not herniated-whew!) discs at C5/6 and C6/7. My neck is so straight up and down with a bit of a reverse curve. Normally straight up and down would sound good, but in the neck it's not so good. Oh well.

The doctor came in next and gave the good news that I am not (yet) a surgical candidate. He wants me to continue with physical therapy and is sending me to a physiatrist (pronounced fizz eye a trist) to evaluate treatment options. Dr. Galler also said to continue with prednisone if the symptoms flare again.

IF the pain comes back like it was, and no physical therapy or prednisone helps, there are some injections I can get and of course surgery would become an option. The surgery goes in through a place in the front side of the neck and they attach a titanium plate to it--sounds quite unpleasant. I pray that conservative methods work!!!

On my way out the doctor sent me with a more specific script (other than evaluate and treat cervical) that I brought over to Dr. Gary Welch; the physical therapist who's been patient enough to see me through a ton of pain since last November.

Overall, a relief-filled day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Syndee,
Do all that you can to avoid surgery.......(I'm sure you are)
I pray for your health.
luv, B

Syndee said...

Hi Blanca,
Glad you came to check this out. I may have to fight with my insurance company to continue my physical therapy. They tend to give 8 visits and then will sometimes extend it to 12. I think with the issues that I have, that amount just doesn't cut it. Especially that I have continued to go to pt since November with or without my insurance (paying out of pocket gets taxing after a while although my pt is really quite reasonable considering...). I would think that the insurance company would do anything to keep my from what seems like a very expensive (and unpleasant--not that they care about that part) surgery.
As far as Les is concerned--she can take the Atlantic City Expressway East to Garden State Pkwy N and go over the Goethals and Verrazano, onto the Belt Pkwy E to Southern State E to Sagtikos to the L.I.E. to Exit 64 and avoid going through the city. It'll take her about 3 1/2 to 4 hours.