Friday, August 29, 2008

The girls, Dave and back to school

Cassie went over to Davis Park (Fire Island) with her boyfriend, Nick, today. They were with a bunch of other kids as they seem to travel in packs. Nick's going into 12th grade--Cassie--10th grade. He seems a bit shy around us, her parents. I wish he'd get over this! We're really not too scary, and some might even say we're fun to hang around with. Maybe we'll have to formally invite him over for dinner and a Mets game.

While Cassie was enjoying the sun and surf, Ali was working at Dave's store. They were so busy today, they didn't eat lunch for quite some time. This is Dave's busiest time of the year at the store with kids going back to school. He usually works 12 hour days for two weeks straight. Then once he's finally off, I head back to school and my busy season starts.

I went back up to school for an hour this morning from about 11:30 until I left for the neurosurgeon at 12:30. It's amazing the amount of detail work that goes into setting up a classroom for the fall. I think I'm pretty well set. At least we go in 2 days before school starts to put finishing touches on before the kids come in.

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