Friday, August 29, 2008

How to comment

Okay, so I've only told about 5 people about this blog, but I thought I'd at least have one comment by now. Someone told me that they didn't know how to comment so here are some quick comment lessons: First click on the part that says 0 comments right below this message. Then add your comment in the text box on the page that comes up. Type in the coded message into the correct space. Finally click on anonymous and click post comment. Hope to see some of you there soon (I should really let more people know about this).

Well it's off to Dr. Galler today (neurosurgeon). I do believe I will actually take notes about what he says. Usually I come out with my head swimming--sometimes with terms I can't even pronounce let alone understand. This time I need to know what's going on in detail and what my options are for treatment. I NEVER want to go through the pain I went through last week.

Funny part of being on Percocet. My friend Sharon brought up a conversation that we had on the Monday when I had taken the first dose and was very sleepy. I had no clue that we had even spoken to each other except for the final topic we discussed. She said I sounded quite loopy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Syndee, what's going on? Is it your back? Sorry to hear about it. Thanks for sending me this:) I like to know what's happening in your lives. I think you'll be seeing Les soon! Luv, B