Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

So, today I went back to school to continue organizing the room. About 3 hours in, I realized I could get rid of a set of cubbies and make a lot more room for my reading area. It turned out that a primary teacher needed one anyway so at least it went to good use.

The rest of the day was quite productive: putting things away and unpacking new things to put away. I got the entire shelf along the windows completely cleared off (something I was never able to do before). I love to have a nice, neatly organized space.

Now I'm just down to creating folders, job cards, independent reading center, closet spots, bus info, word wall, etc...(the basics of being ready to start the year.

This Wednesday we get to work with writing workshop guru Judy Davis. She always leaves me feeling empowered to be the best facilitator of writing ever. I can't wait--it's a great way to start out the school year.

For tomorrow, we'll be off to Splish Splash, but I doubt I'll be found on any major body slides. I'll probably just stick to the tubes and the lazy river.

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